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New Year Resolutions vs. New Year Reality

New years resolutions are made to be broken, but setting realistic goals for the life you want to live is totally doable.  Let’s get this done together.

Has the “New Year, New Me” worn off yet?

You know, the “New Me” who is gung ho into working out, eating right, sitting down to a family dinner each night, one where cell phones aren’t allowed at the table?

The “New Me” whose home is always clean?

The “New Me” that isn’t drowning in a sea of clean, yet unfolded laundry?

The “New Me” who is dedicated to lose the Quarantine 15.

The “New Me” who is going to drink a gallon of water a day and get 8 hours of sleep and go to the gym at 5 a.m. before making the family a healthy breakfast?

The “New Me” who isn’t stressed about household chores all the time, and is super present for the family, and has it all under control?

Yeah. Us too. So quickly we forget… especially when our goals are completely unattainable.

All that may look great on Instagram where some influencer has their life together and tells us how they do it… but social media ain’t real life.

Just because we broke out a new calendar, unwrapped that sparkly new planner to organize our lives, and are now trying to remember that the year is now “2022”, it doesn’t mean that making huge changes to our lives is that easy.

So let’s focus on the really meaningful lifestyle changes, instead of the new years resolutions.  We’re here to help you find ways to control the chaos at home, so you can be more present with the family, and feel less out of control.

Because home life is hard.  Parenting is hard.  Juggling all these responsibilities is hard.  At the same time navigating through a pandemic?  That’s a one way ticket to crazytown.

So check in regularly, and we’re going to share our favorite tips and tricks for keeping the peace… organizing your home, meal planning and prepping, cleaning the house, and doing our best on managing the family fiasco.

We’re moms on a mission. To help other overworked, overwhelmed, and underappreciated parents figure out this work/life/responsibilities balance thing in order to bring more sanity and less stress to family life.

We’ve tried it all- chore charts and systems, complicated plans on what to clean and when, meal prep plans delivered to our door, weekly meal prep at home, a standard menu of meals to simplify planning.

We’ve hired individuals and companies to clean and help out.  Some have been great, others just don’t show up, but nothing ever seems to really fit the bill.

We’ve scoured Pinterest for inspiration. We’ve read every blog and book about organization, meal prepping and planning, how to keep the house clean. We’ve searched YouTube for the answers of how to fit it all in.

And we’ve kinda come up empty.

There is no “easy” way to manage family life and responsibilities. It takes time and effort and dedication to the process. We’ve seen lots of people commit to a week or two of keeping it all together, and then it’s back to the last minute rush to get food on the table, which consists of frozen chicken nuggets and tater tots, and the laundry pile is back to Mount Everest proportions. And there is no judgement… because our freezers have chicken nuggs and tots in them too.

But we created Team MomSquad to fill what we see is a void in helping super busy parents manage it all. Our team of super moms come in and help when things are too much, and can keep it all from getting to be that way. 

  • We can tidy up around the house… you know, what you usually do BEFORE the cleaning people show up?  That mad rush to pick up gym clothes and clean the toilet bowl and put the 50 cups from your kids rooms into the kitchen sink so the cleaning people don’t judge you? 
  • We can prep meals for your family that they will actually eat. Meals that can be put on the table in 30 minutes or less. Meals with room for flexibility when your son hates onions and your daughter is suddenly a pescatarian.
  • We can fold and put away the laundry.  Because we know it’s all clean and in a pile.  But even if it’s clean and folded and put in your kid’s room, it will end up on the floor again.  Unworn.  To be washed again.  That’s why we put it away. 

Because we get it.

What we offer:

  • Tidying up and cleaning services
  • Grocery shopping and meal prep
  • Laundry- in-home or off site (pick up and delivery)
  • Mothers helpers to keep an eye on the kids while you are on your fifth Zoom call of the day
  • And much much more!

You can check us out on

But that’s not what this blog is all about. This blog is to share the tips, tricks, helpful hints, and roadblocks along the way that keeps YOU from conquering this home responsibilities, being a working parent (because all parents are working parents), living life in the new normal when we’re home a lot thing. We’ll share real life experiences of our clients and what they found useful about bringing in a helping hand.  If we think it will help you save time, money, or effort in anything related to family life, we’ll share it here. And we hope that you share what you know in the comments too.

And connect with us on social… we’re on Facebook (@teammomsquad) and Instagram (@team.momsquad).

Here’s to you and your family, and the work you put in day in and day out to care for them. We’re here in the grind with you, and we’re looking forward to doing what we can to support you.

To a 2022 that finds some calm in the chaos!


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  1. Thank you for sharing!


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