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Living My Best Paper Planner Life

New Year. New Me. But also Same Me.

The new year brings new opportunities to leave bad habits behind and embrace healthy ones. So bring on the super organized, super mom!!

Being a full-time working mom is one of the most exhausting things in the world, and when I say a full-time working mom, I mean a FULL-TIME, everything under the sun, working mom!! I work a typical 9-5 job, business owner, mother of 7 (8 if you count my husband), cook, cleaner, accountant, taxi driver, organizer…. Oh, and finally there’s some room for ME! This momma needs her “me” time and I find it during my CrossFit workouts! Needless to say, I work hard every day to be there for my family, myself (self-love and care), friends and maintain my career!

Despite all the technology all around, I’m still old school at heart when it comes to keeping all my stuff in order. I LOVE breaking out my new planner at the beginning of the year… it’s a totally fresh start and for a short period of time, I’m completely organized!

If you’re like me and still use paper and pen to schedule your days/weeks- this planner will be your new BFF! I found it to be extremely helpful and keeps me in line! Not only for my day-to-day craziness, but also as a reminder- say goodbye to late payments and meaningless days!! There’s a handy bill planner log along many more life coaching pages to help you bloom into the best version of YOU! And did I mention STICKERS? Yes, that part of your heart that you left in elementary school with your Lisa Frank sticker collection can now take a permanent place in your every day adulting!  

I love office supplies. Pretty pens make me so happy. So with my new planner, of course new gel pens have to help me get organized! I can keep track of all of my kids activities by color. These are super cute and fun to add some brightness to your days 😊. They come in a variety of colors and dry really fast to reduce smudging… love that! No one wants a messy planner, its bad enough that our lives feel that way (eye roll). 

Anyway, so far these are a couple of products I’ve purchased this year that have been a game changer in my life. I started the year with the whole “New Year. New Me” attitude and darn it, I was bound to stick to this tacky saying! So far so good 😊! Tell me what you think and if these items have inspired, motivated, or made your life a bit less stressful! 

Happy planning y’all!!

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