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New Year, New Baby

New Year, New baby boy!

Seriously, as a mommy to 4 boys ranging in age from 21 years old to 6 weeks, you have to make a conscious decision to not lose it on a daily basis. Let’s not even mention running on fumes because I’m nursing exclusively. There definitely is a light at the end of the tunnel but having things in place prior to our new additions arrival has made the transition easier. Having live in help while I was pregnant gave me the extra resources I needed to get through.

If you get one take away from reading this, let it be this. GET HELP for the things that you just can’t get to! Employing help will be your saving grace and you embracing this fact will set you up for success within your 4 walls. The laundry, the never-ending list of to dos will not go away. Take steps to embrace ease. Getting help is not a luxury. It’s a necessity and when planned, will be exactly what you need to get back on track.

I could go on and on with suggestions and I will in the future, trust me. For now, I want to share 2 things that have made my life easier at this stage. The randomness of me will be apparent but I don’t care, you NEED these things.

First, laundry receptacles…baskets…hampers, whatever you want to call it. They are necessary and should be functional.

Super cute, super handy… I love them!

I got these for my littles AND the hubby. I LOVE THEM! They can drag them downstairs to the laundry room, they clearly state what is supposed to go in them (because boys) and they are color coded so everyone knows whose dirty clothes go in what hamper. LOOK, we don’t need to be out here trying to change the world. Sometimes, changing your reality within your home is each shattering …in your little world.

Secondly, finances and budget.  I will admit, I’m a little behind getting everything added to the book but, I just had a baby and am giving myself grace. This budget book is simple, easy to use and is a great way for those of us that like to write things down, to get organized. This budget book , these pens and these stickers will have you feeling amazing about getting your finances order. I also used these removable tabs to make it easier to navigate to each month but they are not necessary.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about the things I personally use in my home to make my life easier. It’s a new year girl! Let’s get it!!!

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